Mr. David Steelman Executive Director, YVUF
Work 968 North Bridge St. Elkin, NC 28621 Home Phone: 336.469.2860
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Ms. Susan Stewart President, YVUF Parkwood Eye CenterPractice Administrator
Cell Phone: 336-366-0602 Work Phone: 336.835.3400
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Mr. Don Clark Vice President, YVUF Century 21 Hudspeth PropertiesBroker in Charge
Cell Phone: 336.244.6565
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Ms. Frankie Pardue Treasurer, YVUF First National BankVice President
Work Phone: 336-526-6379
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Mr. Barry Cleary Past President, YVUF WeyerhaeuserSafety Manager
Work 164 Pettyjohn St Elkin, NC Cell Phone: 336-466-6975
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Ms. Ann Ashman Board Member, YVUF Retired (Lifestore Insurance)
Home 924 N Bridge St Elkin, NC 28621 Work Phone: 336-903-8320
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Mr Leon Baskerville Board Member, YVUF BelkStore Manager
Work Phone: 336-564-7540
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Ms. Anita Darnell Board Member, YVUF Quality Inn
Home Phone: 336.469.2264
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Ms. Karen Defreitas Board Member, YVUF Owner, Slightly Askew Winery
Home Phone: 336.244.8665
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Ms. Natalie Eidson Board Member, YVUF G & B EnergyCustomer Service/Marketing
Cell Phone: 908.578.8980 Work Phone: 336.835.3607
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Ms. Phyllis Harris Board Member, YVUF Harris Leather
Work 219 Pat Nixon Road State Road, NC 28676 Home Phone: 336-366-0308 Cell Phone: 336.564.7540
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Mr Ron Jester Board Member, YVUF Retired, Yadkin Bank
Home Phone: 336-244-6995
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Mr. Bill Johnson Board Member, YVUF Surrey Bank & TrustVice President/City Executive
Work Phone: 336.526.1803
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Ms. Holly Lamm Board Member, YVUF Elkin TribuneBusiness Development Manager
Work Phone: 336.428.3233
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Mr. Nathan Lewis Board Member, YVUF Phillips Van HeusenHR Manager
Cell Phone: 336.244.1588
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Ms Casey Morrison Board Member, YVUF Principal, Elkin Middle School
Work Phone: 336-835-3175
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Ms. Laura Oakes President – Elect, YVUF Hugh Chatham Memorial HospitalMedical Staff Development Director
Work Phone: 336-426-9194
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Kathy Poteate Board Member, YVUF HR Manager, HCMH
Cell Phone: 336.469.6704
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Mr John Wiles Board Member, YVUF IntegraMed
Home Phone: 336.755.6689
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